Brandon Wimmer

Brandon Wimmer is team's regular driver.  Brandon's birthdate is May 17, 1986, he is from Fairmount, Indiana, is married to Chantel and has two children Kennedy & Kaden.  He was the 2002 National 410 Rookie of the Year, 2007 Dirt Cup Champion, and has over 25 wins in 8 different states. Follow Brandon on Twitter @brandonwimmer and


Scott Cool

Scott Cool is experienced in a facets of sprint car racing.  He works with a focus on safety assuring that the A79 car is fast and safe.  Scott is a fireman by trade and a racer by heart.

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See Scott at most races at Atomic Speedway and other tracks.


Roger Ramsey

On left is Roger Ramsey.  He is actively involved in all areas of the race team.  Roger won countless three quarter midget races in his career as a driver.  Later he won championships as a successful car owner.  Here he is shown with driver Tate Martz winning another championship.


Trevor Ramsey

Trevor Ramsey, right, was on the World of Outlaw tour with Brandon Wimmer.  Trevor does about everything on the car focusing on tires and set-up at the track.  Trevor's uncle Roger Ramsey is on the left of the picture.


Andy King

Andy King, second from left, has a passion for racing.  He worked with drag car teams and keeps A79 up on all four tires.

Tim Hart


Tim is retired but finds time to help the race team by transporting parts and equipment.  Here Tim had been on the road for 12 hours and is taking a break in the race shop. 

Marc Sheridan


Marc is also retired and also helps the team transporting parts and equipment.  Marc is at the track regularly.


The Rest of the Team

Paul Kistler (above right) builds and maintains the motors with Tim Engler (left) providing the fuel injection and consulting.
Tony Beaber does chassis repairs for us.  It seems the cars run faster every time they leave his shop.
Hank Dyke, Rich, and the rest at D&M Welding in Waverly do a lot of work on repairs.
Brian Phipps, Bo Tackett and Jason Tackett of Graphic Creations, Waverly, keeps the cars lettered and classy. 
Kear's Speed Shop makes all of this possible.  They are my exclusive supplier of all sprint car parts including tires, chassis, wheels, nearly everything.  Thanks Mark Tusing, Micki Tusing, and Shirley Kear. 
There are countless other volunteers like John Jenkins and Richard Osborne that help out part time.  We appreciate them all.

The Van


Race fans enjoy seeing the team arrive in our 1996 Chevy Astro Van tow vehicle.  It was used to cross the country many times during the boat racing days.  It has about 600,000 miles on it.  Original motor.

The Open Trailer


The open trailer is a fan favorite.  It is all aluminum with tandem axles and brakes.  Fully loaded, it weights just over 5,000 pounds.